Frozen Princesses

Princesses-Frozen540x960Most all of our Princesses love the movie Frozen, which inspires us to try and recreate the beauty of the movie for them. The winter backdrop of the movie frozen makes for dazzling snowflakes and ice crystals and all of the party decorations. Beautiful blues and purples make for a beautiful lavish decoration that makes all the princesses feel the magic of the Frozen movie. Here at Teacups and Tattletales we also add the favorite colors of the guest of honor, this makes each party unique and special. Contact us to learn more.

Dressing up in the exciting costumes from the movie is also a wonderful memory making experience. Every detail and preparation is made to make our party guests feel the true atmosphere of their favorite party. Once the stage is set be prepared to enjoy an awesome tea party banquet for the guest of honor at all the invited guests.

As with every party there is the opportunity of special guests to bring the movie characters to life. Anna and Elsa have brought many princesses much happiness by joining the party. Special themed characters and guests can be arranged through A Fairy Tale Affair (separate booking required).

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